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The lawyers in our Cybersecurity, Privacy & Technology Practice Group counsel businesses regarding the protection and preservation of digital information including trade secrets, proprietary business information, personally identifiable information (PII), personal healthcare information (PHI) and other sensitive or private information. We also provide representation in data breach litigation.

Our lawyers are available to consult with any business or individual that maintains digital information that must be protected. We work closely with our clients to help them establish appropriate cybersecurity policies, procedures, and best practices to minimize cybersecurity risks, respond to data security breaches, and defend against cyber-liability claims.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity & Technology Risk Mitigation and Dispute Resolution Services

The Cybersecurity, Privacy & Technology Practice Group at Hand Arendall Harrison Sale provides consultation and representation in the following areas:

Risk Assessments

The starting point for an effective cybersecurity program is effective risk assessment. What digital information do you have, who is interested in it, what might they do to get it, and what rules or regulations apply to your protection and preservation of that information? Our lawyers work with our clients, engaging the services of technical consultants as necessary, to assess the risks associated with our clients’ maintenance of digital information systems.

Cybersecurity Compliance Programs

We work with clients to develop and implement effective cybersecurity compliance programs that are tailored to their specific needs and requirements. We focus on systems and structures that minimize the risk of data breaches, on education of personnel authorized to control or handle the client’s digital information, and on compliance with applicable statutory or regulatory requirements.

Cybersecurity Incident Investigations

Data breaches and other security lapses are a significant threat to a company’s viability and business sustainability. When these events occur, our lawyers conduct internal investigations with technical experts to assess the source of an intrusion and quickly determine our clients’ next steps. In those cases in which data breaches or security lapses result in a government-initiated investigation, our lawyers represent our clients in responding to governmental inquiries as well.

Data Breach Response

Data breach incidents are becoming more prevalent. Cyber-attacks can cause significant, and potentially irreparable, harm, and an immediate response can be critical to mitigating potential losses. Our lawyers counsel cyber-attack victims on their consumer and regulatory notice obligations under state and federal laws, on minimizing and protecting against litigation risks, and on developing and implementing incident response plans.

Cyber Risk Insurance Coverage

Our coverage lawyers advise clients regarding the availability and acquisition of cyber risk-related insurance coverage. Every business has unique risks, and we are able to help our clients understand the types of coverage available and evaluate the coverage that is suited to the particular risks associated with their business operations.

Cybersecurity Litigation

Our lawyers defend companies against consumer and employee claims arising out of the unauthorized release of PII and other private information. We also serve as plaintiff’s counsel for pursuing claims for theft of digital information and trade secrets against individuals and other businesses.  Finally, our lawyers represent businesses involved in litigation regarding social engineering or wire instruction fraud where cyber criminals steal money intended for a different party.

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