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Florida Estate Planning Services

At Hand Arendall Harrison Sale, our Florida estate planning attorneys offer a variety of customized estate planning services based on the specific needs of each client.

Sometimes our clients just want a simple will and estate plan. For these clients, we offer basic estate plans that include a last will and testament, durable power of attorney (POA), and advanced directives, including a living will, and designation of healthcare surrogate. We understand the desire to keep the process as simple as possible and agree that sometimes a basic estate plan is all that is needed.

For our clients with young children, we understand that hiring a Florida estate planning lawyer is often their first experience with hiring an attorney and we take time to answer questions and explain options. We are familiar with common issues like naming a guardian or creating a trust for minor children. Our attorneys are experienced at addressing these common scenarios and providing clients with sound advice and peace of mind during the estate planning process. 

Speak With A Florida Attorney At Our Firm About Probate, Estate Planning, Trusts and Litigation Today.

If you need assistance with an issue related to estate planning, probate, trusts, or guardianships, contact our firm and speak with an experienced Florida lawyer. You can rest assured that your concerns will be addressed in confidence.

To schedule a consultation with a lawyer in Destin or Santa Rosa Beach, call us at 850-650-0010.

To schedule a consultation with a lawyer in our Panama City Beach or Panama City, call us at 850-769-3434.

Florida Estate Planning & Asset Protection

For our clients with more complex needs, a Florida estate planning lawyer from our firm can provide comprehensive estate planning and asset protection services to meet particular objectives. We can help with matters including special needs trust planning, irrevocable trust planning, life insurance planning, elder law planning, probate avoidance planning, business succession planning, and strategic tax planning. We often work closely with accountants and financial advisors to understand our client’s specific needs and offer targeted and custom-tailored planning solutions. We regularly assist with succession planning strategies for business owners and licensed professionals, as well as provide complex planning for investors and other high-net-worth individuals.

Florida Estate Planning & Tax Implications

A thorough estate plan is not complete unless it includes consideration of any tax implications your estate may face. There are ways an estate planning lawyer in Florida can help prevent the loss of your money by working with your accountant and financial adviser and utilizing tax avoidance strategies. These approaches have the goal of keeping your money with you, to support you and future generations.

Whatever estate planning goals you have in mind, we are here to help. By meeting with a Florida estate planning lawyer at Hand Arendall Harrison Sale, you are taking the first step in ensuring that you, and the ones you love most, will be cared for in the years to come.

Probate Services

Our attorneys assist executors and personal representatives with the entire probate process, from beginning to end. Often, our clients don’t know where to begin, and we ensure they check all the boxes to properly probate the deceased’s assets and debts. After all, it is a time when emotions are running high and those in charge of the probate process are often overwhelmed and still learning to live without their loved one.

A Florida probate lawyer from our firm can help do the following:

  • Transfer ownership of the decedent’s home
  • Determine debts owed by the estate
  • Determine assets owned by the estate
  • Complete and file appropriate paperwork
  • Maintain a detailed accounting
  • Transfer decedent’s bank accounts
  • Assist with Florida ancillary estate administration

We are also able to provide our services to estates located in Alabama.

Probate Litigation

Losing a loved one is never easy. Having to litigate against other family members after losing someone close to you makes everything that much more difficult. At Hand Arendall Harrison Sale, we step up to the plate for you to represent your interests and ensure your rights are protected. A Florida estate and probate lawyer from our firm will meet with you and explain the law and the probate process to you and will attempt to resolve your legal issues without damaging family relationships any more than necessary.

Trust Administration

There are specific rules which apply to trust administration, and our attorney’s often assist trustee clients with the process to ensure they are compliant. Our services include:

  • Identifying trust assets
  • Locating and notifying beneficiaries of the trust
  • Managing trust assets
  • Keeping an accounting of trust activities
  • Distributing trust assets

We are there for our clients no matter the type of trust and make certain our clients stay informed through an open line of communication.

Trust Litigation

Disputes sometimes arise and our Florida attorneys are here to help beneficiaries and trustees that are involved in disputes over the administration of revocable and irrevocable trusts. While our first choice is to resolve these disputes as amicably as possible, our lawyers do not back down from litigating cases in the courtroom when it is necessary to protect the interests of our clients.

Creditor Services

A Florida lawyer from our firm can provide probate assistance to creditors attempting to collect on outstanding debts from an estate when a deceased person owes money. We understand the applicable law in Florida and can help our estate creditor clients collect the money they are owed after a debtor’s death.