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Thu 27 Oct, 2022 # Presentations

Dion Moniz Presents Quick Tips for Small Business Owners

The program offered key considerations for new business owners and a good review for those who have previously entered the market.

“One of the best presentations – great base level advice many ignore – to their own detriment. Thanks Dion,” commented one attendee.

“This was really helpful. Thank you,” stated another young professional structuring an LLC this month. To view the presentation, click here.

“It is an exciting time in Northwest Florida. Our region has continued to grow with startups emerging out of an incubator environment or simply an entrepreneur with an idea taking their first steps. Also, we see established out of state businesses opening a second location in Florida or moving their complete operation here. It’s important to start with the basic checklist for new businesses and also, inquire of existing businesses if their structure is the best working structure for them,“ states Moniz.

For more information regarding the presentation, contact Dion or any one of our business law practice attorneys. The Hand Arendall Harrison Sale attorneys in our Business and Commercial Law Practice Group represent established companies as well as emerging businesses.