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Hand Arendall Harrison Sale is committed to diversity and inclusion in our firm, in the legal profession, in the communities we serve and in our society as a whole. Our firm culture is rooted in trust, collegiality, work-life balance, creativity and innovation, and a respect and appreciation for our varied skills, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. With these values in mind, we staff our client matters with a diverse team of lawyers to best serve our clients’ needs, and we seek to recruit, retain and advance legal talent from diverse backgrounds, whether such diversity is on the basis of race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, socioeconomic status, or other characteristic or classification.

A Top-Down Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in Everything We Do

Our firm’s leadership is diverse in age and gender, and our Mobile, Alabama office is a market leader in the region for its number of female lawyers. We ensure that our summer law clerks and young lawyers receive ample mentoring, coaching opportunities and work assignments to maximize their potential and promote their advancement within the firm. Many of our lawyers are members of affinity organizations and participate in diversity and inclusion initiatives through our state and local bar associations.

We further demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion by supporting initiatives and organizations that support causes aligned with a more diverse and equitable society. Those include organizations that promote education, mentoring, child advocacy, racial justice, legal assistance, healthcare, caring for people with disabilities, combating poverty and preserving our natural environment. At Hand Arendall Harrison Sale, we are more than lawyers, we are members of our communities, and we are stewards for the environment in which we all live.

What Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Means to You

Diversity and inclusion mean different things to different people; and, of course, while it is easy to say that a law firm supports and promotes diversity and inclusion, actually supporting and promoting diversity and inclusion is another matter altogether. With this in mind, what can you expect from Hand Arendall Harrison Sale?

  • As Our Client – As our client, you can expect to work with a diverse team of lawyers who bring exceptional value to the table. You can expect to work with lawyers from our various Practice Groups as needed, and you can feel confident knowing that you have decades of relevant experience on your side. 
  • As an Aspiring Lawyer – As a law student seeking to practice in a diverse and inclusive environment, you can expect to work in that environment at Hand Arendall Harrison Sale. You can also expect to explore several of our areas of practice, and work directly with experienced lawyers who all bring their unique ideas and insights to the table. You will have the opportunity to bring your unique ideas, insights and life experience to the table as well. 
  • As a Lawyer Seeking to Make a Lateral Move – As a lawyer seeking to make a lateral move into a new and fulfilling career opportunity with real advancement potential, you can expect to be welcomed into our firm with open arms, and you can expect complete transparency with regard to our path to partnership.
  • As a Legal Professional – As a legal professional seeking a challenging, welcoming and accepting work environment, you can expect to be treated as an equal in all aspects of your employment, and you can expect engaging work that matters to our firm and our clients.
  • As a Member of Our Community – As a member of one of the many communities in which our lawyers and legal professionals live and work, you can expect to benefit from our firm’s commitment to service. We are proud to put our knowledge and experience to work in our communities, and we strive to do good, meaningful work on a daily basis.