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Thu 23 Feb, 2023 # Podcasts and Videos

Rocket Motivation – Episode 63

The Firm is proud to support Season 6 of the Rocket Motivation podcast hosted by Member Rod Cate. Join us and listen to a season full of inspirational stories about individuals from our communities. 

Pardoned From Your Past with Stephanie Nodd

In this week’s episode, we learn the story of Stephanie Nodd. At age 23, Stephanie was convicted for her role in a drug conspiracy. She was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison. At age 44, she was released after serving 21 years. She tells her story of what it was like to spend a large portion of her life behind bars. She speaks to young adults about how making one bad decision can change your life. Stephanie’s story provides inspiration and also provides a glimpse in to what it’s like to spend such a long time in prison.