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Thu 30 May, 2019 # News

Franklin Harrison Speaks at Celebration of Legal & Judicial Career of Justice R. Fred Lewis

Franklin R. Harrison received a call to speak at the CELEBRATION OF THE LEGAL & JUDICIAL CAREER OF JUSTICE R. FRED LEWIS in Coral Gables Florida. Supreme Court of Florida Justice Lewis was celebrated by a host of dear friends, family and colleagues. 

Franklin was asked to provide a personal reflection of his professional and personal relationship as he worked alongside Justice Lewis over the years. Franklin’s work and relationship with Justice Lewis on various committees and boards afforded Franklin additional time over the years to build those close friend-familiar bonds and make humorous memories, which were included in the presentation. The privilege of speaking to honor Justice Lewis also provided a time to discuss the new phase of life that Justice Lewis is entering however, the impact he has made in his service to our state and our youth will not be forgotten. As the printed program for the evening stated, “In addition to his many landmark decisions, Justice R. Fred Lewis leaves an important legacy for Florida’s Children: Justice Teaching.”

 Franklin is known for his dedication to the practice of law, the field of study including sound examination that will bring the brightest and best attorneys to the practice for years to come. Franklin said, “It was not only an honor to be asked to share a few words about Fred on one very special evening, but it has been an honor to know him and share time together through the years and I’m planning for the two of us to share more time together in the future.”