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Mon 29 Dec, 2014 # Client Alerts

Florida’s Minimum Wage increases to over $8

Beginning January 1, 2015, Florida’s minimum wage increases from $7.93 to $8.05 per hour. The minimum wage for Florida tipped employees also increases from $4.91 to $5.03 per hour, plus tips (the tip credit remains $3.02 per hour).

Each year, Florida adjusts its minimum wage based the Consumer Price Index. Florida’s minimum wage has steadily increased since its enactment in 2005. A history of wage increases can be found at the Department of Economic Opportunity website.

So, if you are a Florida employer, please ensure that you are paying your non-exempt employees at least $8.05 per hour for all hours worked and $5.03 an hour for tipped employees. This is important and worth verifying with your payroll provider if you have not already.

If you have any questions about the classification of your employees, how to calculated overtime, or any other wage and hour issue, please feel free to contact Rob Jackson at Harrison Sale McCloy.