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Wed 10 Aug, 2016 # Presentations

Douglas Sale Co-Led Discussion at Florida Municipal Annual Attorneys Association Seminar

Harrison Sale McCloy Founding Partner, Attorney Douglas J. Sale, recently co-led one of the discussions at the Florida Municipal Annual Attorneys Association Seminar in Bonita Springs. The topic as outlined was:

“Regulating Special Events, Spontaneous Gatherings and Other Events Safely and Constitutionally: This topic will explore how cities can lawfully regulate public gatherings to ensure safe and orderly events in the city. Special consideration will be given for the best way to manage unplanned or pop-up events that can strain local resources and threaten the safety of participants and others.

Presenters were: Douglas J. Sale, Esquire, Harrison Sale McCloy, Panama City & Gwendolyn P. Adkins, Esquire, Coppins Monroe Adkins & Dincman, P.A., Tallahassee.