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Category: News

Wed 26 Jul, 2023 # Articles

Why do I need an Operating Agreement for my LLC?

An LLC operating agreement establishes ownership, rules, and structure for your entity. An operating agreement does not need to be filed with the state of Florida but should be retained by the LLC owners. When there is no operating agreement, Florida statutes outline the default rules that will apply to […]

Wed 28 Jun, 2023 # Articles

Why Do I Need an LLC?

Limited liability companies, or LLCs, have become the “go-to” business structure because of their simplicity, flexibility, and tax advantages while providing personal liability protection. An LLC provides legal and financial protection to business owners. LLCs are also great for holding assets; for example, placing a rental property in an LLC […]

Mon 19 Jun, 2023 # Client Alerts

New Florida E-Verify Requirements for Private Employers

Effective July 1, private employers with over 25 employees must verify all newly hired employees through the E-Verify system. In early May this year, the Florida Legislature passed, and Governor Ron DeSantis signed, sweeping regulations on the hiring practices of private employers. For the first time in Florida, private employers […]

Mon 24 Apr, 2023 # News

Smith Named to State Farm Rising Star Academy Class of 2023

Dorissa S. Smith was named as a member of the State Farm Rising Star Academy Class of 2023. Through its Rising Star Academy, State Farm connects with diverse counsel to expand business relationships and support diverse attorneys who further understand State Farm’s business and culture, which prioritizes DEI as central […]