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Category: COVID-19 Resources

Thu 14 May, 2020 # COVID-19 Resources

New PPP Loan Safe Harbor Guidance

Click here to view a .pdf copy of the alert. Given the questions concerning the factual underpinnings for the certification that each PPP Loan Applicant made that “[c]urrent economic uncertainty makes this loan request necessary to support the ongoing operations of the Applicant”, the SBA issued additional guidance on May 13, […]

Tue 28 Apr, 2020 # COVID-19 Resources

Managing a Safe Return to the Workplace

Click here to view a .pdf version of the alert. As stay-at-home orders begin to ease, planning is needed to ensure that your workplace is safe and productive. Bringing back your furloughed employees: As employers call their employees back to work, many employees will welcome the return the normalcy, while some […]